Clay workshop at KACA in lovely Lindsborg KS

I really enjoyed spending time with fellow Kansas Artists in quaint Lindsborg, KS on the 4th of November. I was able to share some of my techniques and philosophies with students, professors, and several independent Kansas artists.

Kansas Artist Craftsmen Association is one of the oldest associations of its type in America. I have served in numerous capacities over the years, including president from 2007-10. It’s hard to believe ten years have past! Time flies friends.  This year was a lot of fun. The KACA conference happens every year early in November in different parts of Kansas. There are keynote speakers, featured artists, technical workshops, and fun parties. It’s so important for artists to get together and learn from one another.  Let’s hope KACA keeps going for generations to come.

Here is a link to the KACA website. I think you should join!

KACA Website

The 2017 conference had workshops in metals, printmaking, plein air painting, and even art business. Two of my favorite people, Tara Dean and Mikey Knutson were a part of this years conference, While I wasn’t able to attend either of their sessions, I hear they did a fantastic job. I was hosting my own workshop here in Garden City with Joseph Rincones and Emily Chamberlain. I’ll post about that one soon.

Thanks again to the board and organizers for the lovely opportunities, and thanks especially to Dale and Kami for all the help making figures. Keep an eye out for the location of next years conference. The juried show, “Materials Mastery” happens concurrently. All of you should enter the show. Best of thanks to the organizers, the board, the artists, and all of my fellow organizers who helped make the 2017 KACA conference a success. Check out some of the images that Tara Dean took of my demo below.

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Recent series: Abstract figures and forms

I have been working on the current series of abstract figurative forms since the fall of 2013. For the past couple of years I have been working primarily in functional pottery – fired to cone 10. This series is a return to some of my earliest abstracted forms from the 1990’s. I begin with sketches and then form the work using coil technique. They are bisque fired to cone 04. Glaze fired with a textured beading glaze to cone 1, and then fired successively from cone 04 to cone 012 with layers of Terra sigillata ( a kind of simple clay slip) with fluxes and colorants. For the flux I am currently using lithium, Gerstley borate and/or frits. I don’t use a recipe. Over the course of time I have figured out the basic ratio of flux to slip based upon the viscosity of the sig and how high I am firing.


breeding couple 3 amarillo show and misc retake 004_breeding couple 2 breeding couple 4 nest 2