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Ever feel like money sucks? Especially when you have a lot of great taste and not a lot of money?

Personally, I like really fine stuff. My wife, Ramona and I love to collect art. For me, nothing beats a one of a kind hand made object (like a painting by a colleague) or a beautifully designed, functional item (like a Dyson vacuum).


And maybe you’re more of a tapestry and Swifter person. Regardless, everyone has taste and desires the items they want to have in their lives, from the aesthetic to the practical. It’s part of being a person.


My wife Ramona–whose own art is poetry–and I have been articulating the changing world and the shrinking  economy that some of us are fortunate enough to work in. Ramona and I deliberately use the word “fortunate” because we believe in a world where everyone has an abundance of something to offer. It may not be a bunch of extra cash, but everyone has some inner treasure to share with the people in his or her community. Regardless of our age, gender or socio-economic status, we all have what it takes to provide for the needs within our community and in the process, find our own needs and heart-felt desires taken care of.



I’m standing for ordinary people everywhere–like your family and mine–to share what we have and get what we want. I know it’s a reality because I see it happening right now in my own life. I’m happy to share with you that I’ve got a fortune exchange of my own going on this week! I’m trading a ceramic soap dish and a toothbrush holder for food.





Yes folks–pottery for food. I am a potter and a sculptor and I there’s a fabulous cook in my community by the name of Maria. Maria and I are each fortunate in the ways we make life beautiful. Well, Maria wanted some functional pottery made by an artist rather than filling her home with plastic junk. And I’d walk miles past fast-food for one of her meals. Thankfully, all I have to do is my art. All I need to exercise is the talent I’m fortunate to have in order to get what makes me happy. And in the process, I make someone else happy. This week I’ll be busy dreaming of tamales and soup while Maria dreams of a soap dish and toothbrush holder.  I’ll post a few pics as our dreams come true.

In today’s connected world, we all have at our fingertips an economy available for each of us to have an abundant fortune as we share with each other the stuff that makes us who we are. Dollars don’t make us who we are. Why keep wasting life worrying about how bad money sucks?  Facebook groups and Google circles and even Craigslist are a ready tool for neighbors to band together to enrich one another’s lives through sharing. It’s bigger than the barter system. It goes farther than paying it forward. We can do this…


In this society,”everyone pays” is a good thing. After all, everyone has a fortune.


Post your inspiring fortune exchanges in the comments section. I want to share in the joy that your fortune brings you and the world around you.


Brian McCallum

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