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Recent series: Abstract figures and forms

I have been working on the current series of abstract figurative forms since the fall of 2013. For the past couple of years I have been working primarily in functional pottery – fired to cone 10. This series is a return to some of my earliest abstracted forms from the 1990’s. I begin with sketches and then form the work using coil technique. They are bisque fired to cone 04.¬†Glaze fired with a textured beading glaze to cone 1, and then fired successively from cone 04 to cone 012 with layers of Terra sigillata ( a kind of simple clay slip) with fluxes and colorants. For the flux I am currently using lithium, Gerstley borate and/or frits. I don’t use a recipe. Over the course of time I have figured out the basic ratio of flux to slip based upon the viscosity of the sig and how high I am firing.


breeding couple 3 amarillo show and misc retake 004_breeding couple 2 breeding couple 4 nest 2

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